Fish Facts: False Albacore, Little Tunny, or Bonito

The fish picture to the left is probably the most confused fish around. Not only does this fish of the Mackerel family have many common names but one of the common names is actually the name of another fish that looks similiar.

The proper common name for this species is False Albacore or Little Tunny. But if you ask fisherman along most of the Gulf Coast you will get a different answer. BONITO! Unfortunately this often causes great confusion with a similiar fish, the Atlantic Bonito.

The scientific name is Euthynnus alletteratus. This species has a wide range. They can be found on the open oceans from Maine, south all the way to Brazil as well as inshore waters.

Bonito… sorry False Albacore are fun to catch but aren’t the best table fare. Off the Louisiana coast they are either released or used as bait for other species. Chunks of bonito.. sorry, False Albacore are great for catching big red snapper and tuna!