Hunting and Fishing Glossary

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A set of antlers.

Remote reporting of information such as but not limited to the location of the animal. Used in the study of behavior and travel patterns of animals by biologist.

When a hunter simulates the sounds of two bucks fighting. Done by deer hunters to attract bucks. Often done with an old set of antlers. Most effective when done around the rut.

One of the supports of a fin. Located within the fin itself.

The force, measured in foot pounds, with which the gun moves backwards when fired.

The amount of animals added to the population each year due. The percent of the young that make it to adult hood is often referred to as recruitment percentage and is used to determine if a species of fish is being overharvested by fisherman.

An old style bow which has limbs that bend away from the archer at the tips.

A nest of fish eggs covered with gravel.

A place where animals are not hunted. Can be a designated area that is controled by the Government or a small area that is designated as off limits to hunting by the land owner or lease holder.

The second chamber of a four chambered stomach.

The eggs of fish. Caviar is roe.

Rough Fish
Species of fish considered to be poor eating quality. Example include but are not limited to species such as carp, gar and suckers.

Marking made by a deer where it rubs the bark off of a tree, usually a small sapling.

A rudder is a device used to steer ships and boats.

The first chamber of a four chambered stomach.

Animals with four chambered stomachs.

A group of fish of the same species that migrate together up a stream to spawn, usually associated spawning season. Used as in "The run of salmon has begun."

Running Lights
Lights required to be shown on boats underway between sundown and sunup. Consist of one white light on the stern and a red and green light up front to indicate left (red) and right side(green).

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