Hunting and Fishing Glossary

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The fourth chamber of a four chambered stomach.

To boats or ships that are side by side.

The gradual process of an organism adjusting to changes in its environment, often involving temperature or climate.

Adipose fin
Usually a small fin located between the dorsal fin and the tail fin of a fish.

A boat or ship not tied but instead floating loose with the wind and currents. The exact opposite of a boat motoring or sailing under power of motor or sail.

Toward the stern (back) of the boat

Aground Touching or fast to the bottom.
A boat or ship held by its own weight in place due to being in water too shallow to float free.

A boat or ship moving in a forward direction.

Close to the center of the boat from front to back, but not side to side, meaning it can be very near the side of the boat but still be "Amidships"!

A good place for anchoring in relation to the wind, seas and bottom.

(Plural, Annelida ) Phylum of animals, comprising the segmented worms. Term used for an aquatic worm which is a common food for trout and other fish.

Animals that comprise all of that population that were born during the same year.

newly hatched fish that still have the yolk sacs attached.

AMO Bow Speed Rating
The Archery Manufacturer's Organization setup this standard for evaluating arrow speed. AMO represents a standard set of conditions that when met give the relative speed of a bow when compared to another bows AMO speed rating. The conditions are 60 pounds draw weight, 30 inch draw length and arrow weight of 540 grains. The Higher the number the faster the bow.

Refers to fish live in the sea most of their lives but return to breed in fresh water.

Anal fin
The anal fin is located on the ventral surface always behind the anus. This fin is used to stabilize the fish while swimming.

A synthetic yarn material made of long sparkly fibers used for many aspects of fly tying including wrapped bodies, spent wings, and trailing shucks. Antron is used in the best-known and most popular brands of carpet fiber.

An anchor is usually a heavy object, often made out of metal, that is used to hold a boat or ship stationary. The anchor is lowered overboard on either a chain, rope or some combination.

Anchor Point
The spot on your mouth, cheek or face that you draw the bow string back to when shooting a bow. Using the exact same anchor point improves accuracy.

Has many applications but when used in the icthyology relm it refers to the annual rings that form in fish scales or bone sections. In mycology it refers to the "ring" on a mushroom stem

An antler is a boney growth on top of the head of deer. Antlers are shed and regrown each year. This differentiates them from horns which are permanant.

The cultivation of natural produce from water such as fish, shrimp, oysters, shellfish or any other aquatic organisms. The term is distinguished from fishing because fishing simply refers to the harvest of a wild crop and not the rearing of that crop.

In back of the boat or ship.

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