Animal World: Skunks

Skunks are mammals with black-and-white fur. World wide there are 11 species of skunk. Two skunk species inhabit Indonesia and the Philippines, the other 9 live in North and South America. Skunks vary in size from just over 1 pound up to 10 lbs. Although the most common fur color is black and white, some … Read more

Fish Facts: Yahoo for Wahoo

They’re the meanest, fastest and biggest mackerel in American waters, said to reach speeds up to 60 mph. Anglers fishing the blue water zones of the Gulf of Mexico are often pleasantly surprised by incidentally hooking them while trolling for other species like tuna or marlin. Wahoo can also be found from Virginia to South … Read more

Bearded Hen – Minnesota

John Carlson of Minnesota shot this beautiful Merriam Turkey on April 29th 2005. The bearded hen was taken in Nebraska using a ground blind a Hazel Creek hen decoy and a Watab Creek Game Call.

Forest Scene Wallpaper

The light shining through the forest canopy give this picture an almost medieval or ghostly look. Makes a beautiful desktop wallpaper.

Port Sulphur Louisiana

Excitement was building as I contacted Alex Rogers, a professional fishing guide out of Port Sulphur, Louisiana – and one who has been very much acquainted with the inside scoop of the goings-on of the area for some 25 years. “The trout, Jerry, are thick as grass on the ground in the surf,” he said … Read more