Hunting and Fishing Glossary

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The kitchen area of a boat.

Game fish
A fish that is regulated by law for recreational fisherman.

Gestation is the length of time for pregnancy. It varies from species to species.

Gill rakers
Bony, finger-like projection of the gill arch on the opposite side from the red gill filaments which function in retaining food organisms; they vary greatly in number and length and are often used to classify fish and to aid in their identification.

The fleshy red vascular organs which fish and anphibians use to extract oxygen from water. Gills would be the fish equivelant of lungs in people.

Using binoculars to spot deer usually done in open to semi-open land where distant ridges or gullies or scanned for game animals such as bear, elk or deer.

A measure of weight. 7000 grains equals a pound. Used for measuring powder, bullets or arrows.

A sound bucks make... most frequently herd during the rut.

The upper edge of a boat's sides.

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