Seven Steps to Trophy Boars

As boar hunting continues to take leaps and bounds throughout the world of big game hunting, more and more hunting clubs and ranches are turning to management practices that produce trophy boars. Long dead are the days of excitement created by the sight of just one wild hog. Today hunters are forever searching for bigger … Read more

Tunica Hills WMA Trophy Buck

Here is an awesome buck taken by Darryl Krumholt. This buck was taken by bow on the Tunica Hills WMA in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. Darryl has been hunting the Tunica Hills WMA for years, ever since it opened. This is just one of the bucks he has taken over the years. Tunica Hills WMA … Read more

Bearded Hen Hunting – Tips and Insights

A bearded hen looks similar to other female turkeys but has a distinct feature. The “beard” is a group of hair-like feathers on the chest. This feature makes bearded hens an exciting target for hunters. Knowing how to spot a bearded hen is crucial. Look for the beard and note the bird’s behavior and habitat. … Read more