Plant Features: Tupelo Gum (Nyssa aquatica)

Tupelo Gum also known as water tupelo, swamp tupelo grow to about 90 feet tall. The bases of Tupelo Gum trees are swollen or flared outward but with out flutes like a cypress tree. This give the tupelo gum tree a wider base which give it more stability in the swamps and lowland forests. The … Read more

Plant Features: Persimmon

Fruit is used by foxes, deer, raccons, oppossums, skunks and songbirds. If you find one of these dropping fruit during the hunting season you better hunt that tree.

Plant Features: Cross Vine

Crossvine “Bignonia capreolata” – the leaves are opposite, compound with only two leaflets, evergreen to late deciduouos, ovate to lanleolate, margins smooth, 3 to 5 inches long, rachis ends with a branched tendril, dark green in summer, bronze red in winter. The flowers are attractive, tube like, flaring and spreading at the ends, 2 inches … Read more