Jolthead Porgy – Calamus Bajonado

Jolthead Porgy ( Calamus bajonado ) are a plain silvery fish, scales with blue centers and brassy margins. Cheek brassy, with no markings. Only real markings are a short blue line under each eye. Corner of mouth and isthmus have slight orange cast. Has molar like teeth for urchins, crabs, and mollusks.

Jolthead Porgy inhabitat sand as well as coral bottoms usually in water depths of 20 to 150 feet deep.

Jolthead Porgy have a range in the Atlantic Ocean from South Carolina all the way to Brazil including the Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico absent from some stretches of the Western Gulf of Mexico.

The Jolthead Porgy is a good food fish caught by commercial and recreational anglers.