Hunting and Fishing Glossary

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Distance measurement equal to six feet, used in measuring the depth of water.

A fawn is a baby deer. Fawns unlike adult deer have numerous white spots on their sides.

The total number of eggs produced by a female fish.

A cushion, placed between boats, or between a boat and a pier, to prevent damage.

Command given to a dog so that it will retrieve an animal or thrown object
The distance across a body of water. Fetch is an important factor in how large waves will be. The longer the fetch the greater potential for high waves.

Refers to a young fish in its first or second year of life.

Fishing Mortality
Deaths in a fish stock caused by fishing.

A device made up of a series of stepped pools, similar to a staircase, that enables adult fish to migrate up the river past dams.

A burning colored distress signal
the outward curve of a vessel's sides near the bow.

The 3 or 4 plastic vanes or feathers that are glued to the rear side of an arrow to stabilize the arrows flight path.
the act of affixing the vanes or feathers to the arrow.

A type of muzzle-loader firearm. An old style weapon that used a piece of flint to create a spark that would hopefully ignite the powder to fire the projectile.

A large group of birds.

Following Sea
Refers to the direction of the waves in relation to a boat. A following sea means the waves are traveling roughly the same direction as the boat is heading.

Forage Fish
Small fish which breed prolifically and serve as food for predatory fish.

Any piece of equipment that is jammed, entangled, or dirtied.

(Field of View) The maximum area that can be seen through a scope or binoculars.

The vertical distance from the surface of the water to the gunwale.

A young fish less than a year old that has already absorbed its yolk sac.

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