Plant Features: Dodder Vine

Dodder Parasite Plant

Dodder (Cuscuta Sp.) is a parasitic plant that doesn’t make its own food like most other plants. It steals all its food from other plants through suckers that grow into the other plant’s bark. The vine has no roots, no leaves, no chlorophyll!!! Dodder is called strangleweed, love vine, angel’s hair, and witches shoelaces and … Read more

Plant Features: Cross Vine

Crossvine - Bignonia capreolata - Attractive Flowers

Crossvine “Bignonia capreolata” – the leaves are opposite, compound with only two leaflets, evergreen to late deciduous, ovate to lanceolate, margins smooth, 3 to 5 inches long, rachis ends with a branched tendril, dark green in summer, bronze-red in winter. The flowers are attractive, tube-like, flaring and spreading at the ends, 2 inches long, reddish … Read more