The Fairytale Buck

When you are a child you might dream of fairytale creatures. As we get older these dreams turn to other endeavors. For many deer hunters, the dream is of record buck bucks or that rare non-typical buck with the coveted droptine. For one Louisiana hunter the 2001-02 hunting season presented a rare opportunity for a … Read more

Creating a Mock Scrape

Creating mock scrapes is a tactic that is highly under-stated and under-used in the majority of the hunting community. Although this tends to work best during pre-rut situations, it can provide results right through the rut as bucks travel in search of receptive does and work scrapes along the way. Scrapes vs. Rubs The first … Read more

My Hippo Hunt Adventure

During the winter of 2012, my good friend asked me whether I could not help his uncle out whom got a big problem with a rogue hippo that was destroying his green corn. The farm is in the Alma area of Limpopo and they wanted me to shoot the hippo whom is terrorizing all and … Read more

Deer Hunting

This section is all about deer hunting, more specifically whitetail deer hunting. The love of deer hunting is what drove me to create this site to begin with. By displaying white tail deer pictures, articles, video clips, hunting tips and special hints I hope to improve other peoples experiences while out in the field. I … Read more