Box Blinds For Wild Hog Hunting

For both comfort and success box blinds are the way to go when hunting wild hogs. Sure stalking has its rewards and can certainly give you an adrenaline rush but it is always nice to be able to take it easy sometimes. You don't have to be Daniel Boone everytime you go hunting. It is just nice some days, especially when the weather is a bit unpleasant, to just plop down in a comfortable chair and relax, watch mother nature and let the game come to you. Box blinds hide the hunter, shield movements from the hogs and provide a steady rest for the moment of truth.

The benefits don't stop there. The benefits are many. They give you a higher degree of saftety and security to new hunters such as you kids. hint hint! And box blinds are stand numero uno when it comes to the elderly and the disabled.

Another advantage is box blinds all but eliminate the possibility of a close encounter, face to face, with a mean wild boar that is possible while hunting from the ground. So in the box blind you are safe from both the tusk and the elements.

As noted earlier box blinds are great for starting out young children when you want to introduce them to the world of hunting. You can safely teach them the basics such as being quiet and not moving yet do it with the deck stacked in your favor. Most box blinds afford the chance to house multiple people be it children or wife or the whole family. This is not practical in virtually any other type of stand or blind.

A good box blind can dampen sounds, reduce scent as well as conceal you from the eyes, nose and ears of the hogs. They are also perfect for other wildlife aspects such as photography and doubley for unshakey videotaping.

When building or buying a box blind keep these things in mind to maximize the advantages. First and most obviously get the blind off the ground. It doesn't have to be nosebleed high if you don't want. As little as 5 feet or so can get you up enough to see over most low vegetation. 5 feet might not help with scent elimination though.

Making skids on the bottom of a blind helps prevent damage whenever a stand is moved, so keep that in mind even if it is being built on site. You never know when you might need to move its location. So build it for mobility.

The second extra to think about is sound. Insulation is a must! Standard carpet is probably the most commonly used sound dampening material used and it provides a little insulation as well. Be sure to cover the floor and walls. Whatever sound you hear before hunting will be amplified 10 fold when actually hunting. Don't skimp on sound proofing are you will surely be sorry.

Chair selection is also very important. This will determine how comfortable you are during the hunt. The more comfortable the longer you will stay. The longer you are willing to stay in your stand the greater your odds of success. A good comfortable chair is an absolute necessity for long all day hunts.

The chair should also be of the swivel type because you never know which direction the hogs or other wildlife will come from. If you choose a recliner that will certainly provide comfort but I think when it comes to hunting that might be to much of a good thing, if you know what I mean. Staying long is important but so is staying awake.

Windows should be available on all four sides unless you have a situation such as a houses or roads etc that need to be offlimits. And in this way a box blind can eliminate potential temptations that other stands don't. So leave the windows off of the walls that you can't or shouldn't shoot out of.

Using box blinds will provide you both comfort and security and should help you put more hogs to sleep in the long run. So get cracking and see what kind of extras you want to add. The possibilities are almost endless and somepeople get down right rediculous when electricity is made available.

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