Turkey Hunting Safety Tips

Being safe while turkey hunting is simple if you will take the time to think first and act second. Don't just consider what is the best way to bag that gobbler! Hunters need to also think about the safety aspects of their actions. Keep these Turkey hunting tips in mind while turkey hunting so you can have a safe turkey season as well as others.

1. Absolutely never simply shoot at a sound or movement. Always be certain of your target before you pull the trigger. This rule is one that applies to more than just turkey hunting and is the most important rule a hunter could ever remember. If we all did this then there would be no need for many of the other rules. This one is number one for a reason.

2. Remember everyone doesn't follow rule number one. So with this in mind take some steps to protect yourself against other unsafe hunters. When possible sit with your back against a tree that is wider than your shoulders. This protects you from hunters approaching from your blind spot, directly behind you.

3. Be aware of what is beyond your target before you shoot. And (ding idea) keep this in mind before you ever even sit down.

4. Never stalk a turkey that you hear. The chances of getting close enough for a shot are slim, but the chances of becoming involved in an accident are increased. You just never know if you are going to be stalking a turkey or a hunter so don't even take the chance.

5. Eliminate the colors white, red, and blue from EVERYTHING you take into the woods. That customized red and blue call may look good to you on the shelf but in the woods it just might look to tempting for some slob hunter 40 yards to your left. These are the colors of a turkey gobbler's head and could be mistaken as such.

6. Be extra cautious when imitating the sound of a gobbling turkey. You are more likely to call in a hunter than a gobbler!

7. Let the animals tell you when a hunter might be approaching. When small birds, crows or your turkey shuts up be aware that it just might be another hunter that has caused the silence.

8. When the inevitable finally happens never move, wave or make turkey sounds to alert another hunter of your presence. Remain still and speak to him or her in a loud, clear voice to announce your presence.

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