Fish Facts: Redfish or Red Drum

Redfish or Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) also know as channel bass, bull red, or rat reds were once a popular commercially sought fish in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Commercial fishing for redfish is now illegal in Louisiana. Redfish are quite easy to identify. They are redish to bronze in … Read more

Fish Facts: Shark Remora – Echeneis Naucrates

Shark remora’s are the most common remora in warm waters. There are 9 species of remoras. They can be found inshore as well as offshore. Remoras attaches to its hosts including sharks, rays, large fish, sea turtles, whales, dolphins and also to ships. Remoras feeds on small fishes, or scraps of fish that they eat … Read more

Fish Facts: Fallfish

Fallfish are the largest members of the Minnow family in the Northeast. Fallfish reach size typically between 12 to 18 inches long. They occur abundantly in the St. Lawrence River basin to Virginia, east of the Alleghanies. There prefered habitat is clear, swift streams, rock pools and in clear lakes. The male fallfish build a … Read more

Fish Facts: Armored Catfish

There are over 50 species of armored catfish native to the streams of South America but have become established in Florida living in steams, canals and ponds. They now occur in Florida after being release from aquariums. They don’t appear to be causing in trouble with any native species. These are small fish rarely growing … Read more

Fish Facts: Largemouth Bass Weight Chart

You can use this table to find the approximate weight of a bass by simply measuring the length of the bass to the nearest 1/8th of an inch and then finding that corresponding weight. These weights listed in this chart are averages. Local variations could occur. Use this chart only as a method for determining … Read more

Fish Facts: Dealfish – Trachipterus arcticus

Dealfish are found in the North Atlantic to as far south as Florida. Not much is known but they are about them. They feed on small fishes and squids. The bottom picture recently surfaced… I jest. The fish washed up on the beach in Florida. It has been misidentifed by some as an oarfish. It is … Read more