How do I use the tables???

So how does the moon and sun affect the activities of animals? Thats a straight forward question that you would think has a straight forward answer. But unfortunately there are many often conflicting opinions on how the influence actually manifest itself.

The movements of animals(including fish) are very dependent on the sun and the moon and there are great differences between species in how they responsed to these influences. Throw in the influence of tides and local weather and now the picture is sufficiently cloudy that even today the effects are hotly debated. Local weather has a stronger influence than the moon in my opinion for most animals, throw in the other affects such as mans activities disrupting what the animals want to do. If a deer gets chased by dogs or if a bass is caught by an angler it will obviously disrupt when this animal moves and feeds. So let me say that these tables or not the final diffenitive answer to when the most activity will occur. They are simply another one of many factors that affect the movements of animals.

I am not going to tell you that I have the final answer as to how the effect manifest thereself. I am going to simply pass on the effects that I believe might be correct. You will have to make the final decision on whether you believe or not!

FISH: Major- Sunrise and Sunset
           Major- Moonrise and Moonset
           Best Days to Fish- Full Moon or New Moon

DUCK: Major- Sunrise and Sunset

DOVE: I don't know I don't hunt dove.(hehe)

DEER: Major- Sunrise and Sunset
             Minor- Moon Rise + 6 hours
             Minor- Moon Set + 6 hours

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