Squirrel Hunting The Perfect Quarry For the Beginning Hunter

Squirrels are probably the number one game animal that hunters start there hunting careers out on. Few game animals are so widely availabe, so accessable and offer lots of action with weapons as simple as a pellet gun. Most hunters can look back on their first hunting experience and invariably it include some species of squirrel. Which species of squirrel is hunted will be determined by where in the country you are. In the midwest it might be the large fox squirrel that are the main target. In the southeast the grey squirrel take the lead.

Whichever speices, and ther are many across the country, each requires the same basic skill set with local modifications. Squirrel hunting provides great training for the beginner hunter to start honing his skills that he might later apply to other types of hunting.

Most states have long squirrel seasons often running from September into February. This provides youngster with plenty of time to hone their skills and learn to love the outdoors.

Squirrel hunting isn't complicated and doesn't require expensive or elaborate equipment. A hunting license, hunter safety course certificate, a shotgun, .22 or pellet gun, and maybe little bit of drab or camouflage clothing is all that is needed to get started.

And unlike most other forms of hunting a squirrel hunter can easily be self taught. The prey is relatively abundant and trial and error servers only to give the young hunter tons of satisfaction as he/she learns what works and what doesn't. Failures may be the norm but toss in a few successes and that is all that is remembered as the smiles flow freely with each and every squirrel bagged.

Squirrel hunts quickly learn which trees the squirrel like most and this provides a bit of woodsmanship knowledge as they learn to identify various oaks, pines and hickories that provide mast for the squirrels in the fall.

So while reflecting back on your introduction to hunting, take a little time to introduce a kid to hunting. Like the old but true statement says, "Take your kids hunting and you won't be hunting your kids."

Written by: Mike Guerin

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