Proof: Wisconsin Cougar Picture Captured

A hunter put out a trail cam and the very first time he checked the camera he has something on it that most will never get on their trail cams... a cougar! Kris Johanse a wildlife biologist with the state Department of Natural Resources, has confirmed the authantisity of the cougar!

This is the second verified cougar in Wisconsin for the year of 2012. But more trail cams will be going out as deer season approaches so the chances of more pictures is about to go up.

Six cougar in Wisconsin that have had their gender verified, which is not easy to do without DNA, have all been young males. This is because these cougars are moving great distances to get to Wisconsin as they look to setup residence somewhere that they won't be killed by older adult male cougars.

This cougar was verified in Buffalo County. Cougars are not considered a threat to public safety but the public usually considers them a threat. And it is this threat along with their diet of valuable deer that often puts them at odds with people. This has lead many states in the east to allow the unrestricted killing of cougars. Seems sort of rediculous that this is allowed because there are plenty of laws on the books with protect endangered species. Luckily Wisconsin has laws that fully protect cougar. So I am anxiously awaiting word of the arrival of a female cougar.

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