Proof: Cougar Photographed In Southwest Tennessee

Here is a closeup of the cougar peering out at a guy with a camera.

John Jones was walking out from hunting a Hatchie river bottom in Hardeman County, Tennessee. He layed his rifle on a tree to empty his bladder. He heard a noise and looked to his right. He was being watched by this cougar. He got his camera out of pocket and took this picture.

Now I haven't personally verifed the location. But I do see what looks like a pretty distinctive sweetgum leaf in the picture. The leaf is just left of center and about 1/3 of the way up laying on the fallen trees trunk. The leaf is light against the dark of the fallen tree so is easy to find. Sweetgum trees only grown in the southeast so if that is indeed a sweetgum leaf then that would confirm the picture doesn't come from out west.

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