Proof: Man Shoots Treed Cougar in Ray County, Missouri

UPDATE: Littleton lied. He did not kill the cougar and it wasn't on his land. He was apparently trying to protect his friend who was racoon hunting from possible prosecution for fear that they had violated the law by shooting the cougar.

They did violate the law and lying to the authorities is also against the law but of course no charges will be filed, just like in Georgia. Apparently if it is illegal to kill cougars in a state that actually means it is open year round. Ironically if you kill a cougar in South Dakota where there is a hunting season for them you will be fined if you kill them out of season. Totally backwards but it is the screwed up world we live in.

A 115 pound cougar shown here is of a cougar that was killed by a Ray County landowner. Two raccoon hunters noticed Littleton�s (the land owner) cattle were acting strangly. That is when they noticed the cougar in a tree. The racoon hunters then called Littleton on the phone and he came out and shot the cougar in the head with one of the hunters rifles.

As is suspected in most of these cases the dead cat turned out to be a young male. Young males often travel hundreds of miles looking for females and new terretory that doesn't have other males. Males are highly territorial and male cougars often fight to the death when they meet up.

So even though these cougars are turning up further East with more regularity is still doesn't mean they are about to turn the corner and re-establish a cougar population. For that to happen females would need to return and these females would need to be able to breed successfully a reproduce faster than the mortality rate. That has yet to occur.

When these cougars turn up they often end up dead. Test are being done to see if this is the same cougar that was confirmed in Platte Co.! People will hold this dead cat up as an example to say that "Cougars are here... I told you so"! When unfortunately what is often the case is that the cougar moves in... gets killed and is just another example how human intolerance of big cats is a huge hurdle that cougars may not be able to overcome.

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