Proof: Trail Cam In East Texas Provides Cougar Picture

This picture has caused quite a stir among the Texas parks and wildlife department because after investigating the picture they believe it is authentic. The picture comes from a trail cam in Panola County which is in East Texas. Panola county is only a hop skip and a jump from Louisiana, so this is about as far East as you can get and still be in Texas.

The name of the person who's camera took the picture has wanted to remain nameless and so far I have had no luck in getting in contact with him. And unfortunately it is not illegal to kill cougars in Texas.

The sex of the cougar can not be determined from the picture but it is likely a male that has struck out looking for a place to call his own. This is typical behavior of male cougars. Here is to hoping that it remains safe and also finds another cougar to mate with.

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