Proof: Oklahoma Cougar Killed By Automobile

A automobile struck and killed a cougar on State Highway 81 near Minco, Oklahoma. That car kept going but another car saw the dead cougar and called the Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation. Gamewardens responded and took possecion of the dead cougar. DNA testing is being done on the cougar to determine where it came from.

Preliminary indications is that it was a wild cougar and had never been held in captivity. The cougar was a young male, which is the typical time in a male cougars life when he disperses from its mother to seek its own terretory. Unfortunately it is often the case that they continue moving until they are shot or hit by a car.

It used to be illegal to kill a mountain lion in Oklahoma but that law was changed in 2007. Unfortunately that law is just a piece of paper that the people in charge of law enforcement have repeatedly chosen to ignore, not that it would have mattered in this case.

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