More Photographic Evidence of Cougars in the Louisiana!

This pic was taken on a Sept. 29 on a private lease in in Allen Parish. Maria Davidson with LDWF who was the lead investigator/Biologist on TWO sitings with two different photos last week. She said the pictures were verified as real and the two separate locations where the photos were taken were also verified as "True." She and a team personally visited both areas to confirm the photos.

The first picture was taken on Sept. 4 in Natchitoches Parish. These two cougar pics were taken about 100 miles from each other. It is possible that these two cougar pictures are of the same cougar. Male cougars often travel many miles, often hundreds of miles when dispersing to find their own territory. There is no proof that this is the same animal and like wise there is no proof that they aren't. It is just possible.

And of course as per Standard Operating Procedure the gov. has to always inject that these could be escaped cougar(s) as if that matters in the end. If it WAS captive it isn't anymore. I can hear the press release from next year already.

"We have determined that there is at least one breed female mountain lion in Louisiana... but don't worry it is just an escaped pet so it and its offspring don't really exist, can't hurt you and will evaporate within weeks. For this we are grateful because at first we feared it was a native board cougar that was reproducing!

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