Proof: Illinois Cougar shot in Whiteside County

An Illinois DNR conservation officer shot and killed a cougar on a farm in Whiteside County.

The cougar was spotted leaving a cornfield and running toward the farmer's home and outbuildings. When the conservation police officer got to the farm he found the cougar hiding in a concrete tunnel beneath a corn crib.

After discussing the situation with the farmer and his wife and DNR officials, the officer shot the cougar with a rifle. The cougar was about 100 pounds and was 5 1/2 to 6 feet in length including the tail.

As is usually the case the cougar was a young male. Young males are the most likely to wander long distances in search of their own territory where they won't be killed by other male cougars.

Cougars have not been a staple of Illinois wildlife since 1870 and since then only occasional cougars migrate in. Cougars are afforded no protection in Illinois.

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