Photo Evidence of Cougars in DeKalb County, Missouri!

A trail camera set out for deer in DeKalb County, Missouri took this photograph of a cougar. A rare photo for Missouri indeed.

The cougar photo has been confirmed by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Cougars aka Mountain lions have been increasing documented in Missouri in recent years. Still no breeding population has been confirmed. The neareast breading cougar population would be in western Nebraska. But Nebraska is about to open a cougar season despite the fact that their breeding population is extremly small and isn't large enough to support a hunting season by anyones estimation, if they truely care about proper wildlife management.

An example would be that Florida has far more cougars than Nebraska does but they are considered endanger of becoming extinct. Farmer fears and city slicker fear of seemingly everything nowadays is what is driving the increased pressure on cougars in Nebraska and South Dakota.

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