Proof: Again More Missouri Cougar Proof

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has confirmed another cougar in the state. This one in Linn Country and the evidence once again a photo from a trail camera set out by a hunter.

The MDC was contacted on Feb. 15 with photo evidence that they then confirmed. The photos were taken Dec. 29. The MDC said the photos are clearly of a mountain lion and they have confirmed the location to be in Linn County.

Interestingly this cougar appears to be wearing a radio collar as what appears to be an antenna shows up in the photo. The collar isn't visible because the cougar is walking directly away from the camera and its neck is not visible.

And I find it a bit ironic that the MDC was quoted as saying "We have no documented cases in Missouri of mountain lions attacking livestock, people or pets. There is a much greater risk of harm from automobiles, stray dogs and lightning strikes than from mountain lions." This on the heels of the MDC looking the other way, when cougars, which are protected in the state of Missoure, have been illegally poached.

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