Proof: More Missouri Cougar Proof

The Missouri Conservation Department (MDC) confirmed pictures taken by in Chesterfield, Mo. do indeed show a cougar. Jensen's trail camera took the photos on January 12th. He then contacted the MDC. The department examined the site, where the photos were taken and confirmed the cougar evidence.

No females have ever been proven to be in Missouri since they were exterminated from the state more than century ago.

In addition to this one, another cougar was illegally killed by coyote hunters near La Plata, Missouri. Although it is against the law to kill cougars in Missouri the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) decide it was OK and no charges will be filed. Instead they just gave him a big hug and a kiss and basically said it is OK to violate the game laws, we really don't care, it is just writing on a piece of paper after all.

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