Proof: Branson Missouri Cougar 2012

The Missouri Department of Conservation confirmed another Missouri cougar when a private landowner near Brason, presented photos of a cougar. The pictures come yet again from a trail camera set out by a deer hunter to help him monitor the deer on his place.

This is just one in many cougars confirmed within the state. It is not known what these cougars do after they enter the state. Do they keep on traveling and leave the state or do they eventually settle down sometimes within state boundaries? Experts can only speculate.

Certainly some continue to move until they are killed by cars or trains or at the hands of a hunter maybe legally maybe poached illegally. This was the case last year when a cougar was documented moving across the US and was finally killed by a car in Connecticut.

But do all of them keep moving? Quite a few have their picture taken and then are never heard of again. Did some of these settle down? Today this is still not truly known. Hopefully a few female cougars will make the trip and we won't even be bothered about thinking of that question and can move on to managing a breeding population in Missouri and other states.

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