Proof From Arkansas... Cougar!

Pictured above a nearly 150 pound cougar that was shot by a eer hunter shot in Bradley County, Arkansas in 2014. Unfortunately the cougar did not survive the encounter. But since it was a male disperser it will probably not have any affect on Arkansas getting its cougar population back. All cougars this far from established breeding populations have been males.

The hunter told wildlife officers the cougar was moving toward his deer stand and he felt threatened. According to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission regulations cougars that present a reasonable threat to people or property may be shot during daylight hours or trapped without a depredation permit.

Not sure how you can go about setting a trap to catch a cougar that is threatening your life. Cougars are pretty fast and if you are able to leave to get trapping supplies I am not sure how your life is still in danger??? I point this out to make the point that Arkansas officials do not want cougars to return.

They were the number one choice for establishing a second population of Florida Cougars but they refused to participate. Arkansas is great habitat for cougars but when the people and the state government don't want cougars around... it will be tough sledding for any Arkansas cougars.

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