Proof: Mountian Lion In Marquette County, Michigan

A Mountain Lion had its picture taken by a trail camera Marquette County Michigan. The mountain lion was confirmed by the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy (MWC) This confirmation occured June 1st, 2012.

This photo is being touted as teh bestt photograph ever taken of a wild Michigan cougar.

The general area that the picture was taken has a long history of sightings of mountain lions leading many to believe that this is a surviving native resident population of mountain lions that were never totally erradicated from Michigan.

I am more skeptical of that. Verifications are a recent trend and I believe this is another example of young transient male mountain lions passing through the area. Proximity to a known permanent population of mountain lions has probably contributed to the numerous sightings in the past.

My hope is that since this area is ONE of the areas that seems to be getting its share of young male cougars that it could be the next area that cougar establish themselves in as the TRY to expand eastward into old mountain lion habitat.

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