Spotted scorpionfish - Scorpaena plumieri

The spotted scorpionfish is one of the largest scorpionfish found in the Atlantic ocean. As you can see in the picture their bodies are mottled brown and very camoflaged to blend in with their surroundings. They can be identified by the three dark bands on the tail when better examination of fins and ray counts can't be done.

Spotted scorpionfish range from New York to Southern Brazil. This includes parts of the Gulf of Mexico and also in the Eastern Atlantic as far south as St. Helena.

Spotted scorpionfish prefer hard bottoms. They frequent places such as coral reefs, ship wrecks, rock outcroppings etc.

Spotted scorpionfish feed primarily on fish, crabs, shrimp, octopods. Basically any animal it finds that will fit in its mouth.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The spotted scorpionfish lives up to its name! They have some venom glands at the base of the dorsal fin so watch where you step. The glands are used only in defence. If a larger predator where to attempt to swallow any scorpionfish the pressurized venom would be injected into the attacker if the spines penetrate the attacker.

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