Sea Hare or Sea Slug

Sea hare's also known as sea slugs include quite a number of different species that occur all across the marine waters of our planet.

Sea hares are very pecular animals as each one is both male and female at the same time. They can mate with theirself or another sea hare. Groups of sea hares pile in groups to mate. Sea hares may lay millions of eggs apiece. But most of the eggs get eaten by predators.

Sea hares get their name from the large tentacles which resemble the large ears of a hare or rabbit.

Sea hares are herbivours that feed on algea. Most have an internal shell but some species have no shell at all. Sea hares rely on camoflage for protection. When disturbed sea hares can releases a purple fluid that acts as a smoke screen and allows it to escape, either by crawling, or swimming away. Their skin also contains a similar toxin make them inedible for many predators.

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