Longnose Lancetfish

(Alepisaurus borealis)

Viewers have submitted these pictures for identification. Longnose Lancetfish have some huge teeth. Notice the fangs these suckers have.

The fish in the bottom photo is still alive. It beached itself, then made a few flops and swam away.

More information has come to my attention about this fish that I feel is worth passing on. These fish are suppose to have a large dorsal fin similiar to that of a sailfish. Most of the pictures I have seen the dorsal isn't very visible. Now I know why!

I had assumed that the dorsal was either tucked down or had worn away as the waves moved the fish up onto the beach before the tide receeds and leave the dead fish to be photographed. Now I know different. Apparently the dorsal fin of this fish can act very much like viagra! Longline fishing boats are probably catcching these fish and occasionally cutting off the dorsal before tossing the fish overboard. Strange but true.

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