Bar Jack - Caranx ruber

Bar Jack Description: A mediup sized jack with a smaller mouth than other jacks. They are readily identified by this feature and the pretty stripe that runs along the top of the fish and switches to the bottom while on the tail or Caudal fin. Bar Jacks feed on smaller fish, shrimp. Bar Jacks are a sportfish and are good to eat. Bar Jack Range: The bar jack is found from New Jersey through Bermuda, in most of the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and the West Indies. It is the most common Caranx in the West Indies and Bahamas but fairly uncommon throughout most of the Northern Gulf of Mexico. The Bar Jack prefers coral reef type structures more than other jacks. Bar Jack Size: The Bar Jack pictured is a normal size specimen but they don't get much larger, occasionally reaching 15 pounds or so. Bar Jack Dangers: Bar Jack in the Carribean have been know to cause ciguatera poisoning.

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