Devils Walkingstick

Devils Walkingstick "Aralia spinosa" is a spiny shrub. They flower from July to September. The flowers are small, white with petals distinct, 5, reflexed. Sepals 5.

Habitat - Moist soils, woods, wooded slopes.

The leaves are most interesting. They are very large up to a 3 feet long but are bipinnately compound, which means that each leaf is made up of a number of leaflets that make each leaf appear to be many smaller leaves. The leaflets are toothed, ovate.

Fruits are black when mature, 5-8mm in diameter.

To rid your yard of this spiny plant you should poison it, don't make the mistake of burning it as this will just cause the roots to send up numerous suckers and your problem will now be compounded.

Occasionally used in flower gardens. Seeds are eaten by cardinals, mockingbirds, brown thrashers, wood thrushes, and bluebirds. Flowers are used by the tiger swallowtail butterfly. Not much value to deer.

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