Buck Forage Chicory In Your Deer Food Plot!

So you want a Year Round Food Plot? Will Buck Forage Chicory provide for a great year round food plot? Not by itself. But if your goal is to have a single food plot that is not only alive year round but is lush and palatable year round then a combination of oats and chicory is hard to beat.

Why Buck Forage Chicory? Buck Forage Chicory is a great fall attractant sprinkled in many blends. Chicory is also a high protein producing nutrition plot during spring and summer, with protein running up to 30%.

For the hunter who wants a great fall deer attracting food plot and also demands a food plot that will produce food all year long then a combination planting of Buck Forage Chicory and Buck Forage Oats is unsurpassed in this regard.

Planted alone Buck Forage Chicory can serve as The Best nutrition plot for spring and summer and also serve as a great food plot for turkeys as well. Sort of having your cake and eating it too.

Plant Chicory at 5 pounds per acre on a well prepared seed bed. In the south plant Buck Forage Chicory in Apr or Sept-Oct. In the Far North plant May through June. Plant up to 1/4 inch deep.

Chicory is often used in "no till" blends because it is a perienial that will to some extent fight its way up through grass and weeds. Just broadcasting seed over competing weeds will not however give you desirable results. So if possible disk the ground before planting. Or if disking isn't an option then cut the field, apply round up about 10 days later. Then come back and broadcast seed.

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