New and Improved Guiding Service

All New and Improved Guiding Service!!! Now available in Montana, Big sky and Big Game Paradise of the northwest!

Borrow-Pit Outfitting Warm and comfortable, four-wheel vehicles, cup holders, power windows, working heaters and defrosters. Shoot from front or rear seat. Room for three shooters or five with hatchback option. All windows and hatchback have rifle rests with sandbags! No more frame slide causing missed shots. Sight your favorite rifle in at a mere fifty yards and hold on that front shoulder and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze for road hunting at its best. Choose from our wide selection of Shoot and Scoot Specials for 2003-2004:
Mule Deer
Whitetail Deer (now with optional jack light special)
Speed goats (sight rifle in at 600 yd, laser range finder recommended)
Big Horn Sheep and Mountain Goat Combined Hunt (Glacier N.P.)
Black Bear hunt Grizzly Bear hunt (Yellowstone N.P.)
Elk (special bull and cow combination)hunt
Combined Cottontail and Jack Rabbit Gravel Road Hunt
Fox, Badger, Coyote Predator Combination Highway Special
Prairie Dog and Black Footed Ferret Drive By
Buffalo To Go (Turner Ranch) Call Montana FWP at (406) 247-2940

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