Find the Deer in this Video

READ THIS FIRST: Ok the story behind this video is as follows. This was a commercial that actually made air time. The video however contains something that was captured unintentionally. In this segment of the video clip you watch a car from a distance to the sound of pleasant music. The Car disappears behind some trees. Just as the car re-emerges into view if you look closely you might see a big buck that was moving along the edge of the tree line.

The big buck isn't all that apparent and you have to look closely to see it. The commercial was made without the buck being noticed apparently. Some people have had a hard time seeing the buck initially. But once you see it there it will stick out to you like a sore thumb.

Although sound isn't required turn on the sound anyway. I have added a little beep in the video clip just after the buck makes his short appearance. He is only visible for about 5 seconds. So once you hear the beep you will know that you have passed up the buck. Turn the sound up good because I screwed up the sound of the beep and it isn't as loud as it should be but editing video is such a pain it is easier for you to turn up the sound a bit than for me to re-edit the video. The buck will be about 30 yards from the road on the tree line.

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