Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel range from Cape Cod to South Florida into the Gulf of Mexico from Florida around to the Yucatan. There are other closely related spieces further south and in the Pacific Ocean.

Spanish Mackerel are a schooling fish but can also be found as singles or doubles. Like most mackerels they feed predominately on smaller fish.

spanish mackerel

Although they are good to eat their flesh is rather oily and is best served baked. Don't try frying these or most other Mackerels.

Key Notes and Tips:
*Lures for Spanish mackerel work best with a high speed retrieve
*Best color lures are silver, pink, white, and gold.
*Spanish mackerel readily take live shrimp or baitfish.
*Short wire leaders will prevent these toothy fish from cutting your line and stealing your expensive tackle.
*Black swivels should be used are they mackerel will strike at the swivel and cut your line.

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