Flathead Catfish

Flathead Catfish (Pylodictis olivaris) reach a maximum size of well over 100 pounds. Flathead catfish don't look much like channel catfish or blues. Most people would say they are much uglier. As the name implies they can be identified by their flathead as well as brown mottled body and yellow belly. Flathead Catfish occur throughout the Mississippi River Valley, and down across the Mexico border.

Flathead Catfish prefer large creeks, rivers, and lakes usually in heavy cover. Flatheads feeding habits are different than most other catfish in that they feed more like bass then catfish. Flathead are only rarely caught on dead bait. They much prefer live food over a hunk of dead fish or stink bait.

flathead catfish picture

Key Notes and Tips:
*Large Flathead Catfish are only rarely caught on dead bait.
*Flathead Catfish are sometimes caught on trot lines baited with live baitfish.
*Stump lines consisting of a heavy string tied to a stump or limb with a large bluegill for bait is also a favorite method of catching Flatheads.

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