Amberjack (Seriola dumerili) are caught in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Amberjack are large jacks (160 lbs max) that are blueish to olive in color with a silver or white belly. They also have an olive band that extends from the eye to the origin of the dorsal fin. Oh heck just look at the pictures. Amberjack are found from the coast to well offshore but are most common in water of over 100 ft and most common is water of 300 ft. depth. Amberjack are schooling fish.

Amberjack are a prized gamefish that is known for its strong powerful line busting capability. Amberjack are structure loving fish. Oilrigs and shipwrecks are some of their favorite haunts.


Key Notes and Tips:
*Large jigs are the most frequently used artificial to catch Amberjack.
*When jigging for Amberjack it is important to try to keep the jig moving rapidly up and down as you bring it up, Amberjack aren't likely to hit slow moving artificials.
*Amberjack have been known to carry ciguatera poisoning in the Carribean.
*If you want to catch Amberjack on light tackle it is a good idea to chum them to the boat. This will make it much easier to keep them out of line cutting structure.
*When rig fishing for Amberjack the best method is to place a live hardtail that has had its tail clipped on a hook and lowered down into the depths.

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