Nick Ruiz

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"'As a bass angler, born and raised on Long Island, I have learned through experience, the need for attention to detail to be a successful angler. It is this meticulous attention to the finer points of angling, that I have applied to all aspects of fishing. Though only eighteen years of age, and still in what I consider an important learning phase, I have developed several tried and true techniques that make up a large part of my recreational and tournament"' angling. I have also had the unique and valued opportunity to instruct other anglers on various levels, in seminars as well as state events. The subjects of which have ranged from advanced bass tactics on pressured waters, to the importance of conservation, and care for the environment. It is through these teaching opportunities that I have furthered my own knowledge of the sport, as well as gained an immense respect for those involved in it. Currently I am member of the Long Island Bassmasters, through which I fish tournaments, as well as engage in a constant learning experience with some of the best anglers on the Island. I also plan to take the next step up from local and club tournaments and fish Operation Bass' Redman Tournament Trail this year, in the Northeastern Division. During the summer months, I try to spend as much time on the water as possible, with frequent trips to the Tri-State area's various "big water" reservoir and lakes, in order to further my knowledge of such an elusive species. Also, upon the purchase of a bass boat, this summer I plan to take the necessary steps to become a certified New York State freshwater fishing guide. It is with all this in mind, that I hope to make fishing a life long endeavor which I can thoroughly enjoy, and benefit from. Feel free to e-mail questions or comments to my address, and I will respond as soon as possible."'

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