Welcome, to TheJump.Net's fishing articles page. You will find many good freshwater fishing articles and saltwater fishing articles here for your enjoyment and to provide a great learning experience as well. For ease of use all the fishing articles have been broken up into three catagories, Freshwater, Inshore Saltwater and Offshore Saltwater Articles.

Freshwater Articles

Best Bass Fishing Lines

Best Bass Fishing Rods

Best Trout Fishing Line

Best Fishing Kayaks For Under $500

The Best Spinning Reels For Bass

Kings Of The Creek

Catching Moody Fish

Fishing The Zone For Salmon

Just How Soon Is Long Enough

A Hard Look at Sponsorship

Building A Better Brush Pile

Who's Water Is It Anyway?

Mo-Wak Rig

Fish'n Ledges

Crank Your Way to Fall Success

The Right Application

Where's the Bass?

Fishing A Drop Shot In Deep Water

Fall Transition Bass

Bass Fishing Fever

3 Rigs You Should Know!

The Bass Coach: Jerkbaits

The Bass Coach: Spinnerbaits

The Bass Coach: A Second Cast

A Fish Little Known And Seldom Fished

On Road - Off Road Angler

Lighten Up This Spring

Do Scents Really Make Sense?

Is Bigger Always Better?

Full Contact Fishing!

Horizontal Jigging

Kamakazi Crankbaits

New Waters

Traffic Jam

Fishing and GPS Mapping

Fish Vision

How to Fillet Your Catch

A Place For Your Stuff!

Polorized Why???

Trailer Basics

Sight Fishing Tips

Mexico Bass Bonanza

So You Want to be a Bass Pro

Fishing Knots

Fishing Between the Cracks

Top Water Fishing

The Fishing Industry and Sponsorship

Leadcore Rigging Article

Early Season Great Lakes Tactics

Lake Michigan Water Temp Is Key

Lake Michigan Spring Presentation

Northerns Through Ice

Lake Trout, Chinooks and Coho Salmon Lure Set Ups

Hot Lures For Salmon

Lake Michigan Lure Speed By Species

So You Want to Fish Chief Gray Lake

Milwaukee Fall Salmon Habits

Milwaukee Salmon Too Much Tackle

Panfish Comfort Bait

Improving Your Fish Landing Ratio

Fishing Milwaukee Early Risers Catch Trophy Brown Trout

Does the New and Full moon REALLY affect freshwater fishing?

The Fish With the Dot on The Back!

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