Fish'n Ledges With My Secret Weapon

Fishing big spinner baits on points, ledges and humps isn't a big secret, but it's a technique that very few bass fishermen use. I think it boils down to knowledge or maybe "lack of knowledge" on what to use.  My goal by writing this article is to give you some tips that will help you understand what works for me and give you some new ammunition to use on your next trip to the lake.  There is a ton of factors associated with fishing ledges correctly with a spinner bait such as: (1) The Spinner Bait Itself (2) Correct Blades (3) The Right Rod (4) Reel Ratio (5) Line Size and (6) Bait Colors that suit your lake..

This is going to be easy.  My first on only choice in spinner baits is the Secret Weapon Spinner Bait!  Why? Here's several reason why.

  Secret Weapon Spinner Baits move and sound different in the water in my opinion than any other spinner baits that I have ever fished. 
  Secret Weapon Spinner Baits has attracted more Smallmouth and Largemouth than any other spinner bait that I have ever fished.
Third: Secret Weapon Spinner Baits hook and land more fish. This doesn't happen by accident!  If you will look closely the first thing you will notice is that the no swivels, but rather "Free Floating Inline Blades" that track perfectly and reduce roll over on rapid retrieves.
  Secret Weapon Spinner Baits are meticulously manufactured with  a beautiful powder coated, chip resistant minnow profile head that slips through the vegetation and brush. Another benefit with this head design is that it will dislodge much easier than cone shaped or rounded heads. When you combine this with the Ultra Point Extra Long Mustad hooks, the heavy gauge stainless steel wire frames and the top quality silicone skirts you have an unbeatable bait.
Fifth:  This just maybe the most critical for me! I love to use the Secret Weapon Spinner Bait as a "Drop Bait" The reason why is because the body remains horizontal on the fall and not one but (get this) all blades helicopter freely all the way down.
Sixth:  Take a look at the attached picture. You will notice that the line tie is directly inline with the hook point.  What this means is that you get solid hook ups, improved casting  accuracy and distance. It doesn't  matter if I'm fishing pea gravel, rip rap, grass, humps, ledges daytime or night, the Secret Weapon is the Michael Jordan of all spinner baits. What a fantastic tool!


Let's talk about spinner bait colors, rods, reels and line sizes. My favorite colors on Barkley and Kentucky Lakes are Threadfin Shad, Blue Herring, Blue Shad, Baby Bass, Bleeding Minnow, Chartreuse with blue/back, Citrus Shad, Chartreuse/White, Green Sunfish and Tennessee Shad. My favorite spinner bait rod hands down is the All Pro 7 foot medium heavy. This is the most sensitive rod that I have ever used. . I also use a 7 inch Prowler Paddle Tail Worm as a trailer on my spinner baits. Line sizes vary from  10 to 15 pound test and I always use the P-Line CXX Low-Vis green. Reel gear ratio also varies from 4.3.1 to 5.5.1 to 6.3.1. Reel speed almost entirely is dependent upon water clarity and vibration of the spinner bait.

On Barkley and Kentucky Lakes I love to "Slow Roll" a Secret Weapon. This technique can be very effective when used correctly! When slow rolling you must be feeling the thump or vibration of the blades. This is why using a All Pro APX is so important. I like using this technique when the water temperature is below 60 degrees or when crawling the spinner bait near or on the bottom. It's also very effective when using a Colorado blade at night or fishing for suspended fish. For those just learning to slow roll spinner baits it's much better to start with a 4.3.1 or a 5.5.1 gear ratio reel.  By doing this it will allow you to feel the thump and vibration with a single Colorado blade. Slow Rollin tends to keep the bait in contact with cover provided your not over real deep water. I look at 5 to 15 feet as the perfect depth to slow roll.


Whether your slow rollin or fishing the Secret Weapon on a fast retrieve twitch the rod occasionally to change the lure speed-vibration and flare in the skirt. When you do this it encourages bass to hit-it triggers the reaction instinct in them. In warm clear water and for suspended fish  I crank the Secret Weapon faster, once again looking for that reaction bite.  I love using a 9/16th to 13/16th single or double willow leaf when the fish are on the bottom.  Kentucky Lake Smallmouth often hold above cover or suspend off points, bars and humps. In a river system like Barkley Lake bass will hold tight to cover and you will want to work the Secret Weapon slower to draw strikes. Ledges are key bass holding structure that produce almost year around.  The fish may shift vertically on ledges depending on the season, water temperatures, water generation, water clarity, location of bait fish and time of day.  That's when being patient and using a Secret Weapon Spinner Bait as a search tool becomes so important.

It doesn't matter if your a tournament angler or an occasional week end fisherman. When your on the water you want something tugging on the end of your line. Secret Weapon Spinner Baits will give you an edge to make that happen. These baits are available all across the country in sporting good stores and bait shops. Pick one up I know you will be as impressed as I am. Always take a friend and kids fishing. Be safe, snatch hard and God Bless. You can contact me through

By: Timothy Mason

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