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Louisiana coastal erosion information center, here in one place you will find all the links available on Louisianas coastal erosion problem. You will find out why the is an erosion problem as well as what is being done to stop it. Find out the latest information on current and proposed projects to stop the erosion as well as about organizations and what they are doing both government and private.

This site is here to help enlighten people about Louisiana's problem with Coastal Erosion. This sight contains many links to other websites that I hope you will visit and revisit. If you have a look around you will find enough information to keep you busy for a long time. If you are interested in this subject, bookmark this page now. This is your launch pad to everything to do with Coastal Erosion. With one bookmark you will have the ability to jump to all the online information that is available on this subject. If you by chance run across a site that I don't know about then let me know and I will add that link for you.

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Canals dug by oil companies have contributed to the problem of land loss in coastal Louisiana. Louisiana and the federal government have created a few crevasses in the lower Mississippi R. to help funnel fresh water and silt to reintroduce what the Corps of Engineers took away many years ago. A crevasse is a break in the levees (natural or manmade) to introduce water and silt into the marsh. Davis Pond is an example of a diversion project that is like a crevasse but is a man made total controlled diversion.

Saltwater Intrusion is causing the marsh to disappear. Fish depend on the marsh. It will take numerous projects to help fight sea level rise, erosion and subsidence (soil compaction). The Mississippi river and the sediment that it provides, will be the governments number 1 tool.

Miss R. Delta Changes

Barataria Basin Changes

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