Duck Hunting Tips from TheJump.Net

You shouldn't get too caught up in bagging your limit of ducks. Say you went out last Saturday and had a real quality hunt, and bagged 2 or 3 ducks, or even just one duck, but it was such a quality hunt that you were still very happy and high from the experience. Then say you went to work on Monday, and talked to some people who got their limits. That shouldn't cause you to think negatively about my hunt.

There is so much more to duck hunting than just the bagging of the ducks. Maybe the place you hunted was far prettier and far less crowded. Perhaps you planned your entire hunt, and they got taken out by a guide service, or they went to a refuge with assigned blinds. Maybe you had more adventure in getting to your spot. Maybe you got lazy in the middle of the afternoon and took a peacefull nap in the October sun, and they didn't have that luxury for one reason or another. Maybe you saw more other wildlife than they did. Maybe you heard a loon and they didn't. Maybe you had better company. You definitely had fewer ducks to clean. Maybe you put out 5 decoys and they put out 6 dozen.

Maybe you have the resources to go back to these beautiful, uncrowded, public-land places with mediocre hunting whenever you want, and for some reason they can only hunt their hot spot once in awhile, like on days when they drew a refuge blind, or when their friend with a duck boat invites them, or when the land owner gives them permission to hunt, or when they pay a guide to take them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you hunt 30 times in a season and average 2 ducks per time, and get 2 meals off a mallard, and you happen to like eating duck, but you can't give it away because your friends don't, then you could be eating ducks several times each week clear into the summer, and you could aleardy have lots of other game and fish in your freezer to eat."


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