What To Do If You Encounter A Cougar

1. Dont' run - That could trigger an attack. Predators are use to seeing prey species flee from them. Running could trigger the cougar to attack.

Pickup small children - Predators usually target the most vulnerable prey, singling out young, lame or weak individuals. Children fit this description so pick them up to avoid the cougar keying in on your children.

Wave Arms - Look big. Anything you can do to make yourself bigger is good and could deter an attack. Spreading your coat out like a cape for example.

Yell - Make lots of noise. This will identify you as a human and also gives makes the cougar aware that you are aware of them and aren't intimidated. Cougars like most predators prefer to attack unsuspecting prey.

Don't Play Dead - Cougars are not likely attacking for the same reason as most bear attacks. If a cougar is attacking you it wants you for food. Fight back like you life depends on it... because it does.

Note: Keep in mind that although cougars have attacked people the number of attacks is extremely small, relative to bears, snakes, bees and even deer. That is right more people have been attacked by the cute cuddly deer than cougars.

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