The Scrape Sniffer

Early one morning during archery season a friend and I went out deer hunting, he went to his spot and I was on my way to my stand. While walking I came across a fresh scrape on the edge of a soy bean field. I had heard stories that if you pee in a scrape it will make the bucks crazy. So I was in one of those moods so I pissed in the scrape. Chuckling the whole time. I got up in my tree stand and waited! About an hour later here comes my friend. He's the type of guy that thinks he knows it all! I mean everything! He had made a mock scrape under my deerstand. He said, how do you like this scrape I made? I made it last week! I replied, it was dried out like a died up lake bed. It needs some freshening up.

That's when I got the idea, laughing inside saying to myself "Lets mess with him a little." I said. "There's a fresh scrape down on that point!" He said, lets go see this. When we got down there, and he's going on about this scrape. (Remember he knows it all)! So I played with his mind. It looks like something has peed in it. What do you think it was, a buck or a doe? Not knowing his next move! But he replied, "One way to find out!" This boy got down on his hands and knees, and sniffed this saturated scrape! I start rolling. He said, What? It's just deer pee! So I played along further laughing! He bent down again, and gave it another sniff. With my side hurting from laughing so hard I said, Well, what is it a buck or a doe? He sniffed it again, and said, pee u, It's a buck! I'm laughing, and saying at the same time, Is it a young buck?

I couldn't find a way to tell him the truth till about two weeks later. He called me every thing in the book. We still hunt together to this day, but he promised me that I'll mess up, and when I do, he'll never let me live it down.

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