My First Trip to Colorado!

My first Colorado mule deer hunt included my dad, brother and a friend of my dads, his son & a friend of theirs(FRANK,CURTIS & EDDIE). We were taking my dads truck & Franks truck both 4 wheel drives. We planned and packed for 6 months. We would be hunting an area that my dad and Frank were familiar with, as they had hunted this area before.

My brother and I were excited as it had been several years since we had hunted with our dad. We decided to start our 20 hour journey on Wednesday at 3pm hoping to arrive in Dolores Colorado Thursday morning to purchase groceries & our licenses.

Three hours into our trip Franks clutch started slipping. We pulled into a rest area and crawled under Franks truck to find the rear main seal leaking. Causing the clutch to slip. We proceded to Fort Stockton, Texas and found a garage at 8PM that had a bunch of guys drinking beer. One of the guys uncle owned the local auto parts store.

Three hours and 200 dollars later we were on the road again with a new rear main seal. 1 hour later the clutch was slipping again. We mad the decision at midnight to try to make it to Albeq. New Mexico. We found a fellow hunter on the CB radio at 7AM who gave us directions to a Chevrolet dealership. After explaining our situation to the service manager (also a hunter) he put his best 4 wheeldrive mechnaic on the job. He also supplied a van and driver to take us to get a breakfast.

After 6 hours and 450 dollars later plus a 50 dollar tip we where off again with a new clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, rear main seal and a resurface fly wheel!!!! Our 20 hour trip turned into 30 hours instead.

Our stay in Colorado went like this. Opening morning found us putting chains on tires in the mud, a fox got into our groceries, Frank lost an expensive watch! The forth morning Curtis killed a respectable 10 point with a 20 inch spread. At 8PM that night Frank and Eddie took Curtis to the hospital 70 miles away where he had an emergency appendectomy while parked there Frank had a highlift jack and gas can stolen out of the truck. The last morning after oversleeping I took a nice 26 inch 10 point. The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful. In case your wondering we did return the following year!!!!!

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