Fighting Northern Pike

I bought a little bottle of Miracle Glue at a gun show in Portland, Oregon back in June thinking from the demonstration that it would be a good thing to have when I was out hunting and fishing for all those instant repairs that seem to always come up. Well, it ends up that Miracle Glue saved my trip. I would say life, but that would be a little too dramatic.

I was on a solo fly-in canoe trip to Quetico Provincial Forrest in Northern Ontario far north of the Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe Area. I've been told many times I am crazy for flying in hundreds of miles alone and far from nowhere and nobody, but sometimes I just feel like being alone with nature to get my world back in perspective. I grew up in such places so I feel totally confident of my abilities and besides, the fishing is great and the bears scare easily.

I am four days out on a 10 day trip and spin casting a reed bed for trophy Northern's. My lure gets hit like a freight train and I finally fight the monster into my canoe. I am trying to snap a quick arms length picture to record the moment and release the trophy when the fish jerks out of my hand which is holding him by the gills and begins to go nuts in the bottom of the canoe. Things happen very quickly. I yank out the pliers and manage to get the lure out and as I am trying to settle the fish to release it I go to make my grab and it grabs me instead by the hand.

I manage to hold it by the gills and twist my hand out (not fun, easy or pretty but luckily I had on heavy leather gloves) but now the fish is all tangled in my heavy line and all I want is this sucker out of my canoe. I yank out my filet knife and go to cut the back side of the line to toss it overboard. Just as I go to cut the line the fish thrashes out of my hand landing on my other hand forcing the filet knife across my left thigh and I can tell I've been cut pretty bad right away. Screw the fish, I bang him on the head with the handle of the boat oar and head back to camp. (I ate my fill and left his huge head on a broken limb of a pine tree.)

When I get there I take a peak and there is a nice 7" long deep slice right down the top of my thigh. Luckily, I keep my filet knife razor sharp so it is a clean straight cut. I am not relishing the thought consuming my weeks whiskey stock, boiling fishing line and doing a hand sew job on my leg. I remember reading something about medical use of glue and figure it is worth a try before a hack job self suturing.

I take out the Miracle Glue I bought, clean up the wound area, dab it as dry as I can and then slowly glue the wound shut using some hemostats I use for removing hooks. It worked nicely and held the wound together. I dabbed some more and finished until the bleeding stopped. I waited and then added a thin line seal when done for extra hold. After, I covered it with gauze and kept it covered the rest of the trip. The wound didn't get very infected and after the glue came off I just put an antiseptic cream on it for several days and even that went away.


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