The Three Amigos!

Mark had a little brother named James and their Mother made Mark and I drag Jimmy along with us on every time we left the house! Jimmy being younger was really a pain, however, over time we discovered that he would turn out to be a constant source for our amusement!

Jimmy always had to be NUMBER ONE! First at everything we were trying do, always butting in where he had no clue! Numerous things happened over the years so I will start:

The Opossum:

Mark and I decided we were going to go coon-hunting one night and his Mom made us drag Jimmy along. Armed with a headlight and two 22 single shot rifles, we headed out for the night. Jimmy started whining early that he wanted to go home and I told him that if he had to come with us, it was for duration. Hunting was slow and we had 3 coons and a possum. Around 1:AM I shined my light into an old hollow log and saw the biggest boar possum I had ever seen! It was chewing on a dead rabbit that was well beyond the "aged" stage.

I was going to take a stick and hit the possum to make him "sull" so that I could grab him and put him in the sack we carried. Jimmy shoved me out-of-the-way and said he would make him sull! Jimmy reached out to slap the boar possum on the head and the possum bit him between the thumb and first finger, and maintained a death grip on the boys hand! Jimmy was screaming get him off! So I pulled out a dull Barlow pocket knife and went to sawing on the possums nose to make him sull! The possum just bit down harder and refused to let go! Finally I pulled out my skinning knife and cut the critters throat and used it to pry the jaws open!

Jimmy in tears, wanted to go home but we said he had to stay the rest of the hunt for being so stupid! Well, we got home about 5: AM and when I came over around noon to "skin out" I discovered that Jimmy had been taken to the hospital with a severely infected hand. He recovered but did not learn very much from it!

Water Moccasins and Aluminum Boats

Mark and I had bought our own aluminum boats and had them for some years. Growing up, a stones throw from the river bank, a boat was a necessity! Well, Jimmy finally saved up enough money to buy him a nice 12 ft long, wide bottom boat! One thing he was short of was a motor. One night we decided to go frogging on the river and Jimmy wanted to use HIS boat! We said OK, so I brought my 9.8 Merc (the one with no cowling) to put on it.

Naturally, we went nowhere without our guns! I had my REM. Nylon .22 and Jimmy brought his 20 GA, single shot. The night was going well and we had grabbed about 20 frogs when we came to a flat along the river bank. Gleaming back at us were the eyes of the two biggest bull frogs I had ever seen!

We had to ease the boat under some low overhanging cypress limbs when I heard an all to familiar "THUMP" in the bottom of the boat! I turned around to see a HUGE stub-tailed moccasin coiling up!

Mark and I vacated the boat ASAP into the shallow water of the river flat! Jimmy looked liked a scared canary perched on top of the boats transom, clinching the engine of the outboard between his knees!

Jimmy started screaming "What do I do?" I replied "Shoot it son, shoot it!" He did not even think about it when he reached over, grabbed his old 20 Ga. and blasted the head off! Needless to say, the boat had a nice big hole in the bottom!

We drug the boat on the bank where I ripped up my T-shirt, plugged the hole, then beat the shredded aluminum back down to hold it! Being a nice guy, I later heli-arced a nice patch over it for him!

Boones Farm Strawberry Hill and .22's

As the three of us became older teenagers, we discovered the (so we thought) thrills of drinking! Mark, Jimmy, myself, and four other friends planned a camping trip during late fall to go squirrel hunting. We had all pitched in money and had an older friend buy all the Strawberry Hill wine the money would purchase.

I had my dad's old 46 Willis jeep and we went where no one had gone before (so we thought at the time) and set up the tarps and tents. We had decided no-one would have a drink until we had some squirrels to cook for supper! The next morning found a nice frost on the trees and ground and we had an excellent hunt.

After we skinned out and put the squirrels in the coolers, we took the livers and set out pole lines for catfish along the river bank. We fried squirrels for lunch, cooked some rice, and I made and served some of my famous "stick to your ribs (and roof of your mouth) gravy." All day we ran the lines and collected channel and blue cats, skinning them and putting them in the coolers. We then made an evening squirrel hunt.

We had planned to run the lines late into the night so we built up a nice fire and I fried catfish and tatters for supper. About 9: am we decided to celebrate our bounty and opened the wine chest, running lines and drinking wine, we thought we were on-top-of-the-world! Well, around midnight, the wine made it hard for us to get up and down the river bank so we decided to just sit around the fire and shoot the bull!

Some time later Jimmy thought he would play a joke on us so he went to pee and when he returned, he sneakily chunked a handful of .22 cartridges into the fire! Well, things were cool for a while then the cartridges starting popping! The lead bullet is heavier than the casing so only the casings flew through the air as the rapid fire explosions took off!

We all dove for any cover available and Jimmy just sat on the log and laughed at us until the fireworks were over! I chastised him stating that he could have put someone's eye out! Jimmy just kept laughing and said I sounded just like his father!

About that time one lone cartridge went off! The casing hit Jimmy in the front teeth while he was laughing and it broke off one of his front teeth off! Naturally he did not think it was funny when we laughed at him!

It is remarkable that we even survived our childhood! But you live and learn! Mark went on to work for a large pipeline company and is now a Regional Manager, I have my own business, and Jimmy went on to be a police officer (I refuse to say the town because they might read this and get scared).

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